The Alchemist Saga: Schism

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The breaking point is here.

One curse is bad enough, but a second curse? Experience the schism as Seraph reveals deadly secrets from the past, and Aspen carries unexpected burdens to help her friends. As Odo's darkness consumes her, her relationship with Felix suffers, and Ragnfrid-Taron becomes a frightening place. Tempests grow more powerful and more sinister with the return of their magical rings, and a general feeling of distrust is brewing among messengers. Is there any light left at the end of Alessandra's many corridors?

Excerpt from The Alchemist Saga: Schism

“People think it is great to be king,” Seraph muttered angrily moments later. “You have all the power in the world. You snap your fingers, and lattes magically appear. One scream from you, and dozens come running to your aid. What could be the downside? Sure, you have to make some tough decisions, and some of your choices might bear consequences, but who cares? You are the king! But what no one ever realizes is the guilt that comes with the position. No one considers that. I lost my wife and my children…”
He needlessly gestured at the photograph as he continued, “My closest friends underwent possibly the greatest schism of history… and every alchemist in this castle is cursed by tempests because of me.”
Seraph threw his hands into the air in utter despair. “And you know why all that is? It is because of two small words I said in 1403.”
“What did you say?” I whispered, fearful of the answer.
Seraph turned away from me and gazed into the fireplace.
“Kill them.”

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But this one is even better!

I couldn’t put the first one down, but this one is even better! I waited so long in anticipatation for the sequel that I read the whole thing in one sitting. This one is just as awesome as the last! I want more!!!

... and the quest continues.

The second novel in this unique series is now available in paperback and e-book formats.

Continue the journey as Aspen's search takes unexpected twists and turns as she seeks the secrets of alchemy.

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