The Alchemist Saga: Subversion

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Aspen Pacific, a seventeen-year-old not-so-average girl, and her younger sister Ragan are determined to find the legendary Seraph, an immortal, medieval alchemist that resides in the furthest reaches of the mystical world of Ragnfrid-Taron. He is rumored to be one of the most ancient, all-powerful alchemists, and he is the sisters’ only hope for learning the craft.

Shrouded in naiveté and ignorance, Aspen must learn the whirlwind of truths and discover the many hidden secrets that exist in this supernatural place. No one is entirely who she thinks, and mistakes and choices from the past rarely remain unknown forever. Many are blinded by their greed for gold and their desire for immortality, but there are still good souls in Ragnfrid-Taron.

As clashing worlds collide, dangerous enemies, unexpected alliances, and shimmering portals are revealed. Dark beings known as tempests threaten the very existence of alchemists, while guardian angels known as messengers use their psychic foresight to deliver prophecies and warnings.

Filled with romance, deceit, fantasy, near-death encounters, and medieval chemistry, this eye-opening novel stretches the limits of your imagination. The quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, a mysterious, ethereal creation that allows for the “perfecting” of metals into gold, is a wild one.

Excerpts from The Alchemist Saga: Subversion

The majestic kingdom found refuge deep within the towering, snow-tipped mountains of western Ragnfrid-Taron. A slight plateau broke the natural rocky and steep mountainous terrain. It was atop this general flattening of the land that the castle had been constructed.
Eternal waterfalls cascaded down the sides of several peaks and collectively fed into an epic moat that surrounded the castle in vigilant guard. The moat itself was deeper and wider than anything I could have imagined. I doubted anyone had ever fallen in and lived to tell about it. I felt like I myself might drown just by looking at it too long.
-Subversion, pg 28
Alchemists had natural enemies known as tempests. These beings were known for their ruthless tyranny, their twisted morals, and most of all their inexorable and inexhaustible hatred for alchemy. They were hell bent on destroying any and all alchemists at any cost and by any means necessary.
Nothing mattered to tempests; they were heartless, blind with rage and deaf to compromise.
-Subversion, pg 40
“If you build a castle on lies,” he kept going, his avalanche of ranting gaining more and more power, “you had better make damn sure that there is enough grout in between the stones to smother any truths than may try to sneak in through the back door. Usually when you build with a foundation of lies, things tend to collapse, but he has put so many falsities into this castle that the lies have actually turned into cement, and it is holding up quite nicely.”
He didn’t sound like he thought it was nice at all. Zsigmond was seething, but the spit coming out with each word didn’t halt his rant.
“He lied to me!” he said with a hiss, his tongue snake-like. “He is so comfortable living in his kingdom of secrets that he cannot even distinguish right from wrong anymore. He believes everything he says, even his own lies, because his word is gold.”
-Subversion, pg 173-174
Odo watched the happenings inside his crystal ball with disinterest. Leaves fluttered in the wind, and rocks slowly eroded in harsh winds. Grass grew.
He took a sip of wine, then wiped his lips with a crisp napkin made from cloth. He was from an aristocrat family, and everything needed to be just so.
Odo placed the goblet back onto the table and let out a large exhale. Everything was much too mundane, and the time passed painfully.
Suddenly, something changed inside the crystal ball. He straightened his posture, his curiosity seemingly piqued.
He leaned forward, uncharacteristically interested, and analyzed the ball. His unblinking eyes didn’t miss even the smallest of details.
He watched as a group of alchemists emerged from one of the portals; they appeared to have devious intentions.
Odo’s serpentine lips twisted into a scheming smile as he kept watching.
What are all of you up to?
-Subversion, Epilog

Reader's Comments from Amazon Customers

Highly recommend to anyone of any age!!

I have so enjoyed this book and I'm not much of a reader!! BUT, I am excited to read this entire series! Looks like this is the first of 6 in a series that the Author is in the middle of writing! I have one more chapter left and the second one "Schism" has been ordered! I'm excited to take the journey as they each become available

Thank you Laura Ander for helping me get interested in reading and to take time to dive into a new and different world! :)


So at first I thought this was just going to be another ordinary run of the mill fantasy fiction book from some new author I have never heard of. When I finished this book, my whole opinion of it completely changed. The detail and the character development in this book are just amazing! I am sucker for a good story and this book left me demanding a sequel. Your money would be well spent on this new up and coming author and this exciting tale of alchemy. Please release a sequel soon!!!!!

P.S. The protagonist in this story is amazing. I would marry her.

Five Stars

I loved the book. I thought it was very entertaining and a great read. I highly recommend.

Fantastically fun fantasy with a modern twist

Fantastically fun fantasy with a modern twist. If you enjoy fantasy and science fiction this book will be a quick read and is perfect for a long flight. I look forward to Laura Ander's next book and see where this series leads. Should be a must have for any comic con type.

A Great Read For All Ages

Thanks to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, The Alchemist Saga: Subversion is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats.

Although written for the Young Adult literature genre, this novel can be enjoyed by all ages. And makes a great gift for young and old alike.

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